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Oda Smart Enhancement Feature

Enhancement & Virtual Staging

Transform photos taken by professional photographers and real estate agents into homebuyer-ready staged shots.

Our AI manipulates the details (color correction, exposure, edits based on lighting) and includes super-resolution for unmatched quality. Engage prospects with virtually staged photos, or offer them a blank canvas ready for their imagination. You are no longer restricted by what is captured on the day of the photoshoot.

Oda Vitual Space

Premium Virtual Staging

Take your images to the next level by engaging our premium level services. This can be as simple as cleaning up crew clutter, removing packaging filler, and improving skies - or perhaps you need to remove existing physical furniture from an image before you virtually stage it. Nothing is static, and you can even flex the style or furniture over time.

Oda Smart Enhancement Feature

Premium Enhancements

Everything in Smart Enhancement + final up (e.g. object removal, dangling cables, etc.) and sky replacement (for both exterior and interior photos) to create a clean, inviting look.

Marketing Launchpad

A unique photo viewing solution to embed into your website. Let prospects control how they view your photos by seamlessly switching between vacant and furnished home photos from within a single interactive tool. Add floor plan images to further enhance the experience, allowing homebuyers to click-to-experience detailed photos of the areas of the home that most interest them. Our AI-driven Smart Storage drives this user-friendly front end experience for your prospects.

Smart Storage

Calm the chaos of photo management by creating a single place to upload and modify photos for your sales and corporate teams. Build floor plan-level libraries and organize them by community, state, and address. Organize and find photos easily from AI-attributed labels such as room type or finishes. Find or create the right photo at the right time for every homebuyer.

Oda Studio Product Photo Selection
Oda Product Virtual Staging
Oda Studio Product Labeling
Oda Product Smart Enhancement
Oda Studio Product Photo Selection
Oda Product Virtual Staging
Oda Studio Product Labeling
Oda Product Smart Enhancement
Oda auto photo cover

Photo Selection

Curate your photos from a larger set and select the best photos to maximize engagement on your website & social media.

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Oda Studio Bedroom lighting enhanced

Attract the right buyers with crisp visuals

We automatically increase image resolution without quality loss to show all the details of your space. Enhanced and resized images create a better experience for your prospective guests. We apply the necessary angle corrections and fix lens distortions to match your images to what the human eye can see.

Kiyoshi Hall Edited Picture

Get your photos ready for MLS and social media

Were your photos taken on a cloudy day with limited lighting? Are they low image resolution? Let us bring the bright, air, and crispness to your visuals with our custom enhancements and super-resolution techniques.

Aaron Huber Kitchen Perfect image selection

Select the right photos

We select the best subset of photos from your assets based on angles, content, and aesthetic quality. Our models automatically order the photos for you to grasp prospective attention in seconds.